I made a game already. July 14, 2020

Ok, really I did some tutorials. But the end result is something that could be called a game. I did it in Godot, and I’m really liking the engine so far. GDscript is sufficiently Python-like, I think. Also the editor is great, and the docs are easy to follow. I’m still a little fuzzy on […]

Choosing a Game Engine July 13, 2020

First, I’ll admit that this whole thing was inspired by the fact that Humble Bundle has another Python bundle. Mostly, it reminded me how much I like Python, and then I started looking around for game engines. I did some googling around trying to compare what was out there, and I came up with 3 […]

Hello (Again) World! July 13, 2020

This is a game dev blog now. (We’ll see how long that lasts.) I’m going to try and finally make a game I want to play. If nothing else, it should teach me some useful (dare I say employable?) skills while everything is shut down. So, yeah. Here goes I guess.