Hello (Again) World.

I’m working on getting this site set up as a portfolio and/or project blog for all my many projects so that I can keep track of all of them as I expand into a ridiculous number of platforms and experiment with a whole bunch of ways to make things with computers (mostly inside virtual worlds, but who knows, I might get a 3d printer someday). It’s probably obvious already, but I’m way more interested in making new things than promoting them, explaining them, organizing them or gathering them into a portfolio. But I’m making an attempt.

Oh, and also, I’m making all my brands subsidiaries of an imaginary cyberpunk corporation. Mostly because I find it amusing.

The blog part is probably going to be pretty rambly, but I feel like I aught to make some kind of effort to let people across different platforms know what I’m working on (and if I’ll ever get around to testing out that good idea I talked with them about months ago. I know! I’m sorry! there’s just too many things I want/need to make!).

So, off I go to create an about page and try to figure out how to make some kind of gallery for things I’ve already made.