Thanks for actually reading this. I promise, it’ll be as short and painless as possible.

In purchasing and using these meshes you agree to the following:


  • You may use these meshes and textures in your own Second Life builds.
  • You may price your builds using these meshes however you like, including giving them away for free in limited offers (ie. group gifts, lucky chairs, hunts).
  • You may sell or give away your builds using these meshes with modify/copy, modify/transfer, copy only or modify only permissions.

Not Allowed

  • You must not use these meshes in any way that violates the Second Life Terms of Service or Community Standards.
  • You must not use or sell these meshes outside of Second Life.
  • You must not sell or give away these meshes with full permissions or copy/transfer permissions. Anything you distribute that uses these meshes must be either NO COPY or NO TRANSFER (or both).


  • Please be respectful in your pricing using these meshes. Giving my work and yours away as unlimited, permanent freebies devalues all our time and work. Limited time group/hunt gifts are fine, but I discourage permanent freebies.
  • Please use your creativity and either add these meshes to your own more complex builds and/or change them significantly with textures or scripts before selling them. If I see people selling these meshes with the default textures slapped on for more than I sell the full perms version I reserve the right to mock them publicly.