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Corporate Takeover In Progress

I (Nix Marabana) currently have 4 brands in Second Life, kisetsu, Dreaming Thicket, #hashbang! and Maraschino. The decision has been made to group all of those brands under one umbrella "corporation", Ashcan Consortia.

I want to reassure everyone that none of my current mainstores (kisetsu, Dreaming Thicket, Maraschino and #hashbang!) will be closing. They may move slightly and/or be under construction temporarily but at the very least the marketplace stores will remain open. I will also be moving towards doing full permissions meshes, scripts and scripted systems at the Ashcan Consortia core mainstore, along with continuing with occasional releases for the current brands.

This is partly an actual process of organizing things, and partly just me (Nix) having fun pretending to be corporate overlord to myself. After all, in the dystopia of 2020, who has more power than a corporation?

Ok, But What Does That Actually Mean?

There are a few things I'm going to do as part of this process. I don't have a solid schedule for all of it yet, but hopefully it will all be finished early in 2021. Changes will include:

  • The groups and subscribers for my current brands (kisetsu, Dreaming Thicket, Maraschino and #hashbang!) will be consolidated into one group and one subscriber. This means people will be removed from the groups so I can close them. Please don't be alarmed when this happens.
  • I will hold an event early in the new year with some gifts for joining the new group as well!
  • The Multitudes region will be renamed Ashcan Consortia and remodeled to be less confusing and more focused.
  • Ashcan Consortia core mainstore will open to sell fullperms mesh, scripts, b2b items and scripted systems.
  • The warehouse that currently contains some of my very old creations located here: Anachron Warehouse will be closing at the end of December. If you want anything on sale there, now is your last chance to get it. A few clothing pieces may get re-released with expanded mesh body sizes, but most of it will probably be retired completely.
  • I'll be making some design changes for vendors, signs and logos for some of the brands.
  • I may have more helpers joining my team in the near future, specifically when I finish scripted systems that require tech support.
  • I will be creating a less terrible system for distributing my finished releases to bloggers (sorry for the current mess, bloggers).
  • A website (this one!) will be created to contain updates, tutorials and terms of service and such for the new releases.
  • Updates and communication may contain a bit of tongue-in-cheek corporate overlord-ness. That starts immediately.

But Why Though?

(This section is purely for the curious, all the important information about the coming changes is above.)

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