1st Release: Hex Modular Set Accessories, Streetlights & Billboards (script updates soon!)

My first release for this brand was a bit rushed and last minute (when is it ever not with you, Nix?). It was almost a #hashbang! release, but I want to keep it as part of the bigger Hex Modular pack I’m working on and not be confusing for folks by making them switch between brands to get the same set.

The two sets I’ve released are the streetlight and billboard sign accessories for the outdoor plaza/walkway type pack that I’m working on for the Hex set. I wanted to have the plaza ready to go as well, but there are just too many variations of stairs, railings, planters, fountains etc. to get done in time. It’s going to be a pretty huge pack.

The sets are available at the Mainframe Event until Feb 13th, after which they will be available in the mainstore, which hasn’t been built yet (we’ll see if I remember to come back and edit that link in). They are $L199 each now, but will go up to $L299 when the event is over. (The signs may go up to $L399 if I add a bunch more variants, but anyone who bought either one at the event will get a free update).

I’m already aware of a couple texture/script things that need fixing, and that there will probably be changes to scripts or additions to the packs as the rest of the set gets built, so there are updates coming anyhow!

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