Freebies and New Releases from #hashbang! & Dreaming Thicket

Hey there! A New Releases update from the new Ashcan Consortia! The main stores are now open. Find them here (Ashcan Consortia, Dreaming Thicket, #hashbang!, kisetsu, Maraschino):
Ashcan Consortia


A New In store release from #hashbang! the Core Hair, 20 per pack (85 in the Fatpack) Includes Rigged & Unrigged Mesh, BOM & Omega Stubble Hairbase and Materials Enabled

Plus a Freebie from #hashbang! A scripted Neon Light, On/Off/Flash & Flicker with 12 Pre-Defined colors!

Dreaming Thicket

And a new release for Wanderlust from Dreaming Thicket! The Desert Nomad Floor Lanterns. These are a 3 pack mesh lanterns with scripted lighting, 5 colors in each pack, 1 land impact. Materials enabled. In Iron and Bronze.


Gentlemen! A much requested item is out as a free gift right now! From kisetsu, the Chonmage Hair – Gift Edition (a little free gift for kisetsu – it’s a bit of a prototype but hopefully will turn into a full release soon).

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