Gachapocalypse Sale and a New Release from kisetsu!

Most likely you’ve heard the news about the gachas being banned or phased out of Second Life (article link below). As you may know, the Ashcan Consortia stores have LOTS of them! So this gives us all a final chance to get our hands on those older and recent gachas before they are gone! Even older gacha from the Anachron store are there too! All in one place! Come play to finish your collections, give as gifts, pick up some extras of your favorite gacha or whatever your heart may desire! Come and play your heart out at Gachapocalypse!

Gachapocalypse Sale AD
Gachapocalypse Sale

kisetsu is at the recently opened Okinawa Summer Festival with these beautiful Vintage Uchiwa in 6 designs! Besides helping to keep you cool, they are part of Japanese seasonal traditions and are often given as gifts during these times. Originally, uchiwa were made from big leaves and animal hair. The purpose was to purify and pray.
Now you can have them to help you keep cool or as part of your role play experience! Come pick up some for yourself, or as gifts for your friends!

The Okinawa Summer Festival runs until August 31st.

Second Life Gacha Policy Change article here.

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