October Opens With A Few Events!

You will find events around the grid where the Ashcan Consortia Conglomerate stores are participating in this month! The B2B Market, the SL Halloween Shop & Hop and the Fallen Gods Inc. 14th Anniversary Market! This month has started out as a busy month with lots of releases for you to enjoy!

First, announcing Ashcan Consortia‘s fullperm shop is Now Open! It’s still under some construction, but Open for Business! So come on by the store and check it out! More releases will be added soon.

The B2B Market is a Full Perm Market event! Ashcan Consortia has quite a few releases in a small shop there! For a limited time only. So be sure to check it out! This event runs thru October 15th. Here are a few of the items you will find there:

The SL Halloween Shop & Hop goes all month and the shop there has a gift and the other items in the store are on sale at a 25% discount. #hashbang! has new Re: Boot releases here at this event! Plus, a free gift!

The Fallen Gods Inc. 14th Anniversary Market is where Dreaming Thicket has released new amulets! 3 different amulets from which you can choose! And a Free Gift! The amulets can be purchased separately or in fatpacks! So pick one or take them all! See one from each set here, but all 3 in each set are currently at the event.

Until next time!

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