A Wealth Of Knowledge Awaits

Can you imagine all the knowledge in the world in one place? That place and many new releases are available now at the Fantasy Faire this year! The Fantasy Faire is in full swing and Dreaming Thicket has lots of new releases there! Also the We Love Role Play event ends today (4/28) so, fellas, make sure you check that one out if you haven’t already.

Dreaming Thicket

Fantasy Faire – Apr 21st – May 8th
There are many new releases here and all are on display inworld. The Carnelian Archive sim is where you will find Dreaming Thicket this year. And here are many of the new releases you will find there! And all on display all over the sim.

Decor releases first:

There are more buildings not pictured here, the Carnelian Archive Assembly Hall, Council Chambers and Grand Library. All are larger buildings and all are on display with the décor at the Fantasy Faire on The Carnelian Archive sim. They are a sight to see!

You can also keep up with these updates by subscribing inworld at Ashcan Consortia. Click the subscriber and watch local chat to confirm.

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