A Quick Update for the New Year!

First, Happy New Year Everyone!
Nix is busy working on the gacha (which are now banned in SL) updated and into the NextUp machines. Those that are completed are out at both #hashbang! and kisetsu. There are also options to buy a copy fatpack available at the bottom of these machines. So grab the fatpack if you don’t wanna play for the whole collection! Prices range from $L29 per play (older gacha) to $L49 (newer sets). So not bad! Maraschino and Dreaming Thicket are still in the works! So those will come soon. So if you have favorites from those two stores, be sure to come and get those!

And, a note from Nix herself!

Hi folks,

I want to sincerely thank everyone who has shopped at my store this year. It’s been a rough one for a lot of people around the world, myself included.

I have had some overlapping physical and mental health issues that have made me a bit of an absentee shop owner for the last couple months, and I apologize for that. Some messages have likely fallen through the cracks. If you have tried to contact me in the last while and not received a response, please try again if I can still be of help!

I’m working on catching things up now, and while updates will still be slow while I work on things (mostly MP listings and converting gachas to NextUP machines and creating fatpacks for them), I will be participating in a few events come the end of January and into February.

Happy New Year!
(and good riddance to the old one!)

We hope all is well with you and your families and wish you a prosperous and safe 2022!

Find all stores and subscriber here.

And if you haven’t heard, the Ashcan Consortia Full Perm store is NOW OPEN! Come take a look!

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