We Are Keeping An Eye On You!

And you can do the same with this month’s new release from #hashbang! The new exclusive release at the Mainframe event is the Ocular 1.0, which is a mesh wall mounted security camera that will follow avatars when they walk in front of it. It will follow your avatar as you travel in it’s path. Perfect security for any home or business! Give your business the “We are watching you” feel when your customers (or guests @ home) come to visit! There are four to choose from and you can see them in action at the Mainframe event! There are also some awesome cyber neon lighting and signs at the #hashbang! booth at Mainframe, at 25% off! So come on out and take a look! And then take some home with you! Along with your new Ocular 1.0 Security Cameras!

Mainframe runs from Jan 20th to Feb 13th.

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