kisetsu at the Skin Fair

Kon’nichiwa kisetsu fans!

This year kisetsu is at the Skin Fair with a few new releases! New Geisha Makeup made for Lelutka Evo X Heads. There is also a gift too! So don’t miss that! All together they create a look perfect for role play!

There are four new releases at the Skin Fair. The kisetsu Kikyou Brows, Kikyou Eyes and Kikyou Lips. The set contains HD appliers. All for Lelutka Evo X heads.

Or get the full fatpack!


The gift at the Skin Fair: kisetsu Basic Oshiroi Gift. This includes the white face bases with pink contours! BOM Layers. To start off your new look!


A more variable set of the Oshiroi makeup may come later, which would be an update to the fatpack!

kisetsu booth location at Skin Fair 2023 is located on the Soulcity sim “C”- no direct TP is available to the booth. When you land, head North on the sim, then East to booth C013!

Interesting Info:
Oshiroi (白粉) is a powder foundation traditionally used by kabuki actors, geisha and their apprentices. The word oshiroi literally means “white powder”, and is pronounced as the word for white (shiroi) with the honorific prefix o-. ~Found on Wikipedia~

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